Working at CHEESE

Cheese Mobile is a company that takes care of employees like family members. With a warm working culture as well as listening to employees opinion at all levels to apply and create better results. In tact , we believe “Employees are the most valuable resource.” We therefore recruit talented people. with the same attitude. Join us.

Competitive Salary

We have a policy of paying compensation to employees at all levels appropriately. According to our policy we allow employees to create their own growth by learning new things

Fringe Benefit & Welfare

We care about various welfare. We offer various benefits such as, medical treatment, travel compensation and provident funds etc.

Fun Fit & Relax

Our company has table tennis table, pool table, game cabinet as well as a relaxing corner. To encourage employees to practice meditation and create a healthy body and mind. In addition , We have organized an annual outing to build good relationships with employees and executives.